ignorant, ignorance, and indifference

‘Ignorance is a bliss’

A common phrase spoke to one who chooses to ignore the very own ‘truth’ in hindsight with unacceptable reasons for those who do not seek to know and will never know and do not care to worry about knowing about certain things. I, the author, live during the age of democracy and, within it, liberalism, yet I have seen the controversially direct opposite change to it. Do not misunderstand that I support authoritarianism, nor do I support conservatism; rather, I view the world as a third party looking into the businesses of humans.

Perpetrating the peace, chaos is. I currently reside in a land that is under an unrivaled quarrel going on in the world. Many of my peers support the liberal, who oppose and want to reform the long-standing monarch while the conservative traditional want to, of course, preserve it. Yet, the idea of the argument seems to derail right at the beginning. The intellectual debate of the monarch’s annual budget, the Lèse-majesté law, and the propaganda have turned into a demonization between two opposite rivals that the term ‘ignorant’ becomes famously damageable to anyone who chooses not to act and the one who does not know. No mistake, I have looked into both opposition and felt damaged by any claims made by them, yet the issue is stale to me. We shall not blind ourselves from the truth rather face the truth that is factually truthful, not personally.

A denial, I am not. I have long believed the idea of conflict in ideologies to be a conflict of self-interest and that what we are trying to break through is an opportunity to not breakthrough. Both sides are nationalists, but it is the misinterpretation of the word. Both of them are ‘brainwashed’ by a different ideology that the same institution teaches. This comes to me as nothing but rather the aspect of truth. However, once the ‘ignorant’ in this understanding is placed, it is misused to secure the demonization truth within one’s mind.

Indifferent, I am. It is not a cruel nor narrow-minded idea to see the world that it is of a surviving obstacle. Believing that it is to be cooperatively supported, the absolute liberals will ignore and deny all the painful truth with optimistic dishonesty. At the same time, the conservative absolutist hides from the world’s ever-changing nature with false beliefs. Often, the two clashes but for one definitive outcome: change. Although it is slow, it is relentlessly unavoidable. I was misjudged to be ignorant because I see the cruel world as it is, accepts that it is, and survive it. I was misjudged to believe in the system humankind created, not for a better system humankind created. The misjudgment was platitudinous to me when indifference is not separated from ignorant or ignorance. When one puts one’s mind onto something with judgment, it is indifferent, whereas not giving any attention to acting is ignorant and to not know is ignorance.

For rights, I do not have faith in, but for the freedom, I bow down to it. Humankind has long created the idea that will triumph against another idea, and when it turns into a conflict, we tend to uphold what we are given. Rights are not an issue of freedom but an outline of freedom. Freedom of speech is to say what is wanted to say, but the right to free speech is an indirect demand to limit one’s free speech. From a consensus, it has turned into something we are entitled to when we are not given by birth, preferably by our imaginary status. No mistake, I do not support chaos and absolute anarchist, but to show the few who understand the freedom one has over the limit the others have. The common ground not to take a right for granted as the common logical base of reasoning but to take it as a common agreement that comes from multiple personal desires — all the chaos only for one and one only for all.

Consequences are inevitable, so is everything. Under the existing rule, those who want to change it will face punishment: it is naturally truthful to say, but to accept it is to harden one’s understanding. I tend to stay indifferent because I tend to enjoy the existing blindfolded clashes between the two who do not understand what they are indeed under the control of; even for the great mastermind, they do not recognize the existing nature desirability. Thus, they are all under the control of ignorance. I seek to find the truth, but the truth is not as deeply founded as we tend to understand. It is in plain sight that we do not understand. If this makes no sense to you, do not be impatient. Look into yourself, into what you are fighting for. Do not seek the truth, but be parallel to it and, when recognizable, seize to understand it. A business of mice fighting for cheese is no concern for a man; instead, a business of the existence of mice is. This is the ultimate fact.

‘There is a dangerous optimism of ignorance and indifference’

Dangerous, ignorance, and indifference are. To conclude my message, ignorance is to blindfold oneself with one’s egoism of belief without considering others. To be ignorant is to not pay attention to the knowledge given, but to be indifferent is far different. Indifference is molded after careful thought process of every aspect to conclude not to act. I am not saying that I have finally ended, but saying that the conclusion is far beyond the reach, and we all are getting to. At least by trying to understand one another’s perspective is a little development to be done. To know what you are fighting for and to know why you are fighting for it.

An introvert who is seeking to discuss one's mind anonymously. Do not be afraid to give criticism.